June 7, 2017

Force Profile Plugin makes BuddyPress customers to Transfer a Profile Photograph

Force Profile Plugin

At the point when an social network is loaded with secret man symbols, it can give the feeling that the site is a phantom town, invade with spam clients. In some cases individuals are excessively languid, making it impossible to transfer a profile photograph, regardless of what number of well disposed prompts you attempt to offer.

Missing profile pictures makes for terrible catalog pages and less beautiful BuddyPress widgets. It makes it appear as though clients aren’t put enough in your site to trouble with having a symbol. An across the board absence of symbols has an unpretentious harming impact on both individuals and non-members’ perceptions of your community.


That is the reason Brajesh Singh, proprietor of BuddyDev, made the BuddyPress Force Profile Photo plugin. It requires signed in clients to transfer a profile picture as the absolute minimum prerequisite to visit any page on your site.

On the off chance that a client hasn’t transferred a profile photograph, he will be diverted to the transfer screen after signing in. Attempting to visit some other page will bring about being diverted back to the profile photograph transfer page at:[/members/[username]/profile/change-avatar/]

In the event that the client then erases his profile photograph and doesn’t include another one, the plugin will distinguish that there is no photograph and will limit access to the site once more. Forcing users to add a profile photo is a drastic measure, but for some communities it might be the only thing that works. Install the free BuddyPress Force Profile Photo and you’ll never have to see mystery man avatars on your site again.


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