Hover Animations for Visual Composer (Add-ons)

Hover Animations for Visual Composer lets you place stunning effects upon hover on any row and/or element in your VC-built site. Choose, customize, and direct how your elements’ animations behave upon hovering your mouse over them. Get creative: mix and match awesome effects on your rows and elements, and play a medley of animations and effects that happen all at once when your visitors hover their mouse over them.

Try out Hover Animations for Visual Composer in a live environment first before you buy

Customization options are flexible: direct your row backgrounds to change their color in different ways on hover, direct images to fade in and out, or have call-to-action buttons slide into the screen upon hovering. Combine these element and row effects in order to give your site an aesthetic boost.

Try out Hover Animations for Visual Composer in a live environment first before you buy

Awesome Features

  • Adds a “Hover Behavior” tab across all Visual Composer elements (except columns)
  • Pick a hover animation for elements and rows and let them play simultaneously on hover
  • Choose from 10+ row background hover animations: Fade in new background image, colorize background image, Colorize up, down, left, right, lift, grow or shrink
  • Choose from 8+ element hover animations: Change text color, fade in, fade out, move up, down, left, right, shrink or grow
  • You can turn your whole row into a link!
  • Mix and match different elements with different animations
  • Further tweak the different animation properties like opacity and tilt amount
  • WordPress coding standards
  • Visual Composer Addon

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Version 1.0

* Initial release

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